Uploaded January 15, 2015

Here is a Kovu for you!

Kovu (c) Disney


Uploaded January 08, 2015

This is for a competition on The Lion King Source!

This is the first time I have drawn Zazu and have liked the result!

I used several screencaps for reference because I still need help with drawing Zazu, but none were traced or copied.

Zazu (c) Disney

Be Cool Like Kopa

Uploaded January 04, 2015

Kopa certainly likes his shades!

Kopa (c) Disney


Uploaded January 04, 2015

Here is a happy family picture (because I love them!) of Ahadi, Uru, Mufasa and Taka (Scar)! Please note that Ahadi and Uru are my designs!

Characters (c) Disney

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by NalasSon at 04:06 AM on 03/23/2017

Hi! Welcome to TLKFanArt.com!


by lionobsession at 01:21 PM on 01/04/2015

Thank you very much! I love your art! I saw the link on MLK and I can't believe I haven't found this place before!


by NalasSon at 01:29 PM on 01/04/2015

It's a new site I've been working on for the last couple months. It's not a surprise many people haven't found it yet :)


by lionobsession at 01:44 PM on 01/04/2015

It's very good! I love it already!


by NalasSon at 04:03 PM on 01/21/2017

Thanks! You can share the site around if you'd like :) I LOVE all the artwork you've been uploading!

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